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Research and Publications

Research and Publications


Report from CIVICUS event

CIVICUS provided a brief report of the joint workshop on CoST and the Partnering Intititve of IBLF that was held at the CIVICUS Global Assembly in August 2010.

CoST Factsheet 2009

The CoST factsheet provides downloadable information about why CoST is necessary, how it works, overall objectives and principles and the benefits it offers.

Ethiopia joins CoST

In December 2008, the Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACC), H.E Mr. Ali Suleyman, announced that Ethiopia would sign up to the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST).

CoST key messages

This document is intended as a reference for pilot countries as they shape their own national messages and conduct media work in support of CoST activities.

Factsheet for potential CoST countries

This factsheet is for use by countries that are interested in CoST and would like to raise more awareness of the initiative. It can be downloaded from the website and distributed as needed. More information on the information and support available to countries interested in joining CoST in the future can be sought from the international secretariat directly.

CoST Bulletin

CoST bulletin January 2009

Read January 2009's edition of the CoST bulletin here.

CoST bulletin - November 2008

This bulletin is intended to keep all stakeholders informed of developments during the CoST pilot phase. It contains news from the pilot countries as well as the international secretariat, the World Bank and the IAG.


Secretariat Documents

CoST Safeguarding Policy

Relevant Links

 CoST stakeholders may benefit from the following external resources:

  1. CoST is based on principles similar to the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) and theMedicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA). The three initiatives have strong operational connections at the global and national levels and have benefitted from regular lessons sharing and learning.
  2. CoST has been a regular participant in and supporter of the International Anti- Corruption Conference (IACC): The most recent, 14th IACC took place in Bangkok and featured a CoST workshop and numerous related events and speeches
  3. Budget monitoring support by the International Budget Partnership. It collaborates with civil society organizations in developing countries to analyze, monitor, and influence government budget processes, institutions, and outcomes. The training is supported by practical materials in a number of languages.
  4. The Partnership for Transparency Fund is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to helping civil society play an effective role in the design, implementation and monitoring of national anti-corruption programs.
  5. provides information for nonprofit organizations including documents on starting and managing an organization, fundraising, marketing, and using the web.
  6. Nonprofit Managers' Library is an online library providing a variety of free, 'how-to' management resources.
  7. UN-HABITAT’s Training and Capacity Building Branch (TCBB) assists local authorities and civil society organizations to build core skills in competencies in diverse areas including leadership, financial management, local economic development, participatory planning and conflict management.
  8. Lessons can be learned from initiatives such as the EITI and Publish What You Pay where sub-groups have been established to address particular issues and create consensus for greater civil society voice and action.
  9. NGO/Civil Society web page — Part of the World Bank web site, the purpose of this site is to keep NGOs and civil society groups informed about opportunities for interaction with the Bank. The site also lists links which assist NGOs in networking and communications.
  10. Benton's Best Practices Tool Kit — This is a searchable directory of tools to help nonprofits effectively use new information technology.

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