DisclosureAssurance Report

In the context of CoST, disclosure means the release of material project information into the public domain. This means that in principle the information is available to any interested person (e.g. on a public website, in newspapers, etc.) although in practice it may be difficult for some (e.g. those without internet access) to access it.

Disclosure of project information is a key element of CoST. The process of disclosure is likely to vary between countries depending on existing legislation (e.g. relating to procurement, public finance or freedom of information).

For that reason, it isn’t possible to develop a ‘blueprint’ for disclosure. MSGs need to find an approach that works within their particular set of circumstances.

Assurance Report


AACRA - First Disclosure_Ayat 1,2,3,4 & Ayat Meri

AACRA - First Disclosure_Ayat Meri Site 4

AACRA - First Disclosure_Bole Ayat 4

AACRA - Project Disclosure April, 2019 (2)

 AAU and Tikur Anbessa 


 AAU and Tikur Anbessa - Final AT Report for facility buildingAAU and Tikur Anbessa - Final AT Report for facility building


AAWSA - Bole Arabssa Disclosure Template

AAWSA - Legedadi Phase II Contract no. 01Disclosure Template

AAWSA - Legedadi Phase II Contract no. 03 Disclosure Template

AAWSA - Lideta Branch Office Disclosure Template

AAWSA - SANF Contract 01 Disclosure Template

Wolkite University 

Wolkite University - LSW Assurance report with template

Wolkite University - WTP Assurance report wiith template (5)

3rd Assurance Reports

Final Assurance Report (Aksum U- Dormitory and Classroom)

Final Assurance Report (Aksum U-MPH)

Final Assurance Report (Assosa U - Waste Water Treatemnt Plant)

Final Assurance Report (Assosa U- Phase IV Dormitory)

Final Assurance Report (ASTU-Multi Purpose Hall)

Final Assurance Report (ASTU-Research Park)

Final Assurance Report (DMU-Dorm. Classrooms, Cafe. and ST)

Final Assurance Report (DMU-Staff Lounge)

Final Assurance Report (DTU-CYT and DHB)

Final Assurance Report (DTU-Infrastructure)

Final Assurance Report (Hawassa U-Admin Package Project)

Final Assurance report (Hawassa U-Multiple Use Pjct.)

Final Assurance Report (Wollo U- Admin. Bldg.)

Final Assurance Report (Wollo U- Classrooms Bldg.)

 25 Pilot Phase Assurance Team Report




  1. Full-pledged Program Assurance Report


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