CoST is an international multi-stakeholder initiative designed to increase transparency and accountability in the construction sector. 


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Overview of transparency in the construction sector

Prior to CoST, transparency in the Ethiopian construction sector was limited to the disclosure of information on tenders and contract awards as required under the Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation 2009. This information is required to be disclosed on the Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency web-site. The Ethiopian Multi-Stakeholder Group persuaded their Government to revise the country public procurement regulations to include the majority of the CoST disclosure requirements in a procurement proclamation and directives. This provides the MSG with a mandate to collaborate with the participating procuring entities.

Procuring Entity Capacity Building

report has been published that assess the requirements for mainstreaming proactive information disclosure by procuring entities in Ethiopia. This includes collating project and contract information from the following 9 construction projects.

Procuring entity
Ethiopian Roads Authority
Butajira to Gubre Road Project

Adirement to Dansha Via Dejena Road Project 

Gindeber to Gobensa Road Project

Mehal to Alemketema via Meda Road Project

Ministry of Water and Energy
Dabus Irrigation Design Project 

Koga Irrigation and Watershed Management Project

Ministry of Health
St Paul's Hosipital Millennium Medical College Construction Project
Ministry of Education
Hossana University - one of ten new Universities

Jimma University Construction of Additional Facilities


Most recently, an independent consultant has been deployed to further scrutinise a number of additional project items using the recently revised CoST disclosure standards.

These standards are available online on the Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency – FPPPAA website.

In addition to its work on coordinating the independent scrutiny of public procurement, CoST Ethiopia is also preparing a 5-Year Strategic Plan. Furthermore, it has trained a number of project engineers (PEs) on the basics of CoST and how to disclose information on the FPPPAA website. Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Disclosure has been given to 8 of the trained PEs for comments. Once their comments are received, the final MoU will be signed and disclosure will begin.


CoST Ethiopia has enjoyed strong and effective political support from its Champion, H.E. Ali Sulaiman, Commissioner, Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. It is overseen by CoST Ethiopia’s Multi-Stakeholder Group Executive Committee which comprises representatives from: 

  1. Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  2. Ethiopian Roads Authority
  3. Ministry of Urban Development and Construction
  4. Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency
  5. Ethiopian Construction Contractors’ Association
  6. Ethiopian Consulting Engineers’ & Architects’ Association
  7. Ethiopian Grade I Contractors’ Association)
  8. Transparency Ethiopia
  9. Birhane Tibeb Art, Health & Environmental Association and
  10. Ethiopian Association of Engineers

Interim Governance Rules of CoST - Ethiopia

Communication Protocol of CoST - Ethiopia


Message from the Chairperson

Message from the Champion

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Haileyesus Meseret 

Administrative Assistant, Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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